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Changing Accountant

Changing your accountant is very easy to do. Once we have agreed the services you require, and the fees, we will then contact your previous accountant to obtain any records that we need. Don’t worry about upsetting your previous accountant – clients move from one practice to another all the time.

We do everything for you …

  • We handle all aspects of the transfer process. All that we require you to do is review and sign our Engagement Letter (the contract between us), and we will do the rest.
  • As most practising accountants are regulated by one of the professional institutes, your previous accountant will act professionally, when we contact them to inform them that you are joining us as a new client. We will usually ask for copies of your prior year tax return and/or accounts, and any other recent information that is not available on the public record, or that you have not given to us already.

General courtesy

  • You may want to let your previous accountant know of your decision, before we make contact, as a general courtesy. Of course, you will also need to settle any outstanding bills with your previous accountant, although payment is not required before the transfer can proceed.
  • Once we have received your records from your previous accountant, we will review these and let you know if we think that any changes are needed to your prior year(s) tax returns (this is often required for property investors that have been previously served by non-specialist accountants), or accounts.

That’s it, you are now ‘officially’ our client

  • Depending on the time of year that you join us, there may not be any significant work to be completed immediately. However, as you are now ‘officially’ our client, we will provide our normal services to you as required. We will ensure that your ongoing requirements are seamlessly dealt with (e.g. payroll).
  • Fees are only payable annually, after the main year end tax and/or accounts work is completed.
  • Finally… welcome to Fylde Tax Accountants!